Recent Bespoke Online Promotion Commissions

I’ve worked on quite a few bespoke music commissions for use online recently for a wide range of different brands and companies. Here are just a few I’ve recently been involved with; Interxion The client required an uplifting, modern, evolving piece with classical and ambient music influences that communicated the concept of beautiful engineering, expertise… Continue reading Recent Bespoke Online Promotion Commissions

Reflective Folk Blues Library Music Album

I recently created a selection of reflective folk/blues library music tracks for Shutterstock Music. The library required an album with a delicate lo-fi approach taking influences from such bands as Iron and Wine. It was a real pleasure to create this music. As with all my compositions and production, I was very keen to use live instruments… Continue reading Reflective Folk Blues Library Music Album

New Showreel for 2017

I’ve just uploaded a new showreel for 2017. Feel free to take a look. It includes some of the music placement highlights over the past year including Wimbledon, Inside the NFL, Countryfile and Bargain Hunt. Enjoy and please feel free to get in touch. The video is unlisted and for promotional purposes.

New Showreel for 2016

I’ve finally got round to creating a new showreel for myself! It’s been quite difficult to find the time to do this and as the way with these things there’s always a project on the horizon that you feel you’d want to include before uploading. There’s one or two other projects that I’m currently involved… Continue reading New Showreel for 2016

New Bespoke Online Commissions

I’ve been very busy over the past few months working of a variety of bespoke music composer commissions for online videos. Most recently I’ve worked for the English Cricket Board and the fashion brand Woodhouse.     Get the Game On – English Cricket Board Woodhouse – Dapper Stag Collection The client required music that fully represented… Continue reading New Bespoke Online Commissions

Christmas Songs

I thought I’d share two of my favourite Christmas songs (or at least ones that remind me of Christmas). The first one is from the children’s animation ‘The Snowman’ and a song called ‘Walking in the Air’. I froze my arse off sat in the garden to give you a classical guitar version of the… Continue reading Christmas Songs

Studio Pictures

I’ve just got my hands on a few pictures of the studio space I work from. As a composer I’m very keen to get as much soul and energy through live performance where possible. I believe that no matter how much money is spent on samples/virtual instruments (of which I have many incidentally if budgets are tight!) nothing… Continue reading Studio Pictures

Production Music Composer – Latest Portfolio

Here are some examples of production music I have worked on over the past couple of years. There’s more on it’s way! Guitar Production Music Urban/Pop/Electronic/Classical Production Music Children’s Production Music Classical/Soundtrack Production Music Ambient / Chilled / Underscores Production Music

Latest Bespoke Commissions

I’ve been very busy over the past couple of months on a variety of bespoke music composer commissions for online videos and advertisements. This has included work for the Vegetarian Society, the NHS and Coca-cola. Here’s a few of the recent, and not so recent jobs I’ve worked on.   Every Meal Counts – Vegetarian… Continue reading Latest Bespoke Commissions

Suzuki Q-Chord = Hours of Fun

I recently borrowed a Suzuki Q-Chord. Never heard of it before but I was a assured it was instant Children’s TV and being a Children’s TV Composer it made sense to try it out! I spent the next couple of hours in my own little autoharp world. It pretty easy to use, although you have… Continue reading Suzuki Q-Chord = Hours of Fun