I’ve been very busy over the past few months working of a variety of bespoke music composer commissions for online videos. Most recently I’ve worked for the English Cricket Board and the fashion brand Woodhouse.



Get the Game On – English Cricket Board

Woodhouse – Dapper Stag Collection

The client required music that fully represented the new Dapper Stag Collection from Woodhouse Clothing.

Video by Jody Hartley Photography: http://jodyhartleyphotography.co.uk/
Visit Woodhouse Clothing at: http://www.woodhouseclothing.com/thedapperstag/


Every Meal Counts – Vegetarian Society

The client need the music to tie in with the positive, down to earth feel of the visuals and tone of voice. The music had to lift at a specific point where the character in the video becomes a vegetarian. You can see the complete campaign in context here: http://everymealcounts.org/



“Meeting with James at the start of our project was really helpful and from the off he completely got the brief and the feel we wanted to achieve for the animations. His flexibility throughout the project also allowed us to create some lovely lift points within each of the videos which really helped with the flow of the narrative and made the final films extra special.

Ruth Watson – Raw

Big Bang Fair 2014

A recent bespoke commission for a set of online videos. The client required a youth focused, upbeat, fast paced dance song with a technology and science theme in a 15/30/60 second format. This was all done to an extremely tight deadline.


If you like what you hear please contact me: [email protected]

Dare 2B – Autumn/Winter

The client required an dramatic, orchestral piece with a large amount of percussive elements and hard hitting epic drums. Reference track: Woodkid – Run Boy Run. 



“James defined the mood effortlessly for this film, blending sweeping strings with the urgency of tribal drums to lend a real drama to the piece, he nailed the brief.  In terms of workflow he was a pleasure to work with, he’s got a great ability to respond to very specific changes in a way that maintains the integrity of the score and develops the project as a whole.”

Nick Marchant – Director at Maker Projects


If you like what you hear please contact me: [email protected]

NHS – Caring Never Grows Old

A bespoke commission for the NHS. The client required a very emotion and heartfelt solo instrument piece that complimented the incredibly moving visuals about old age care.

Patchwork Present: Baby Blocks

The client required an uplifting acoustic guitar track to fit perfectly with the animation already created.

Patchwork Present “Baby blocks” from Gadzooks Animation on Vimeo.