Recent Library Music Additions

In between working on projects such as BBC Super Movers over the past year I’ve also added to my music library quite considerably. This music has already been placed on various shows across the world including WWE Smackdown, Panorama, Grand Designs, Countryfile, Come Dine With Me, Dispatches, The One Show and many more. High Impact… Continue reading Recent Library Music Additions

New 2019 Showreel

I have just uploaded a new showreel for 2019 which includes some of my recent work and placements as well as some highlights from previous years including work on BBC Super Movers, Panorama, Countryfile, Wimbledon, Push Doctor and also a look at some of my newer ambient music work. Hope you enjoy it! For all… Continue reading New 2019 Showreel


In the middle of last year I created a new batch of high impact brass library music following the success of the first brass album I created that had some quite high profile placements including Top Gear, Inside the NFL, the BBC Wimbledon coverage, Bargain Hunt (BBC1), The One Show (BBC1). CBBC, Fern Britton (BBC1)… Continue reading Smackdown!

Placement on Wimbledon 2016

It’s really great to see a very prominent placement of one of my Brass Hip Hop library music tracks. It’s been chosen as one of the main tracks for Wimbledon 2016 coverage on the BBC. It’s being used as they announce the games coming up on the days coverage. This is off the back of another high… Continue reading Placement on Wimbledon 2016

Library Music airplay continues…

The library music I’ve been composing over the past 18 months has been getting quite a lot of airplay recently. It was great to see a nice segment of prolonged usage of my track ‘Epic Fox’ on the BBC1 show; Countryfile from my Indie/Folk Library Music album. This track has also been used on some… Continue reading Library Music airplay continues…