Film TV Drama Music

I recently created a full album worth of film/tv drama music for Shutterstock Music. The client wanted dramatic production music film scores, dramatic underscores and action/suspense music. It was a great project to be involved with and it allowed for a lot of live musicianship on the tracks. In particular live strings (played by Joy Becker…… Continue reading Film TV Drama Music

Will Power – Full Movie Online

A film I worked on called Will Power back in 2012 has been released in it’s entirety online. Here’s a brief synopsis: When wife and mother Shelly (Emma Kenny) is informed of her wealthy estranged husband’s death in an extreme zorbing accident, she must cope not only with the shock of losing her partner, but… Continue reading Will Power – Full Movie Online

Corpse Bride Opening Credits Music

I’m a massive fan of Danny Elfman. In my humble opinion, the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever! I really enjoyed Corpse Bride and I felt the urge to do a reworking of the opening credits sequence. In the original, Danny Elfman makes a strong musical reference to… Continue reading Corpse Bride Opening Credits Music

Will Power – Premiere and Score Excerpts

I’ve just added a few music excerpts from ‘Will Power’, the drama/comedy film I composed the film score for. Please feel free to have a listen and comment! I went to the long awaited film premiere a couple of weeks ago at the Trafford Centre Odeon in Manchester. It was a real buzz to see and… Continue reading Will Power – Premiere and Score Excerpts

Will Power trailer online!

The official Will Power trailer is now online! Co-starring Marc Pickering (Sleepy Hollow, Calendar Girls) the film is a colourful comedy-drama, with an ending that will knock you sideways.   My involvement has been writing, producing and performing the score for the film (you can see me talking about this here). The premiere for the film is on… Continue reading Will Power trailer online!

Final stages of Will Power!

We’re on the final straight now scoring for Will Power The Movie. I now have a full score to be going through with a fine tooth comb. The deadline for the ‘dress rehearsal’ (when we all sit down and watch the film start to finish) is this Thursday with the absolute deadline being 1st June.… Continue reading Final stages of Will Power!

Working on ‘Will Power’

I’m currently working on a very interesting short film by Zero Facility Films at the moment entitled Will Power. Its a colourful drama/comedy, co-starring Marc Pickering (Sleepy Hollow, Calendar Girls, Britain’s Got the Pop Factor). We’re well on the way with production now and I now have a rough cut of the film to get… Continue reading Working on ‘Will Power’

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