New Super Movers songs

Here’s a new batch of songs for a project I am heavily involved with, providing music composition, music production, mixing and mastering for; BBC Super Movers. Super Movers (launched January 2018) is an exciting project brought to you by BBC Learning and the Premier League to get primary aged children more active and learning while… Continue reading New Super Movers songs

BBC Mood Boosters

It was a real pleasure to provide music composition, music production, mixing and mastering for a new BBC project; Mood Boosters over the past few months. BBC Mood Boosters partnered with BBC Children in Need for an ambitious new project aimed at motivating primary school-aged children across the UK to engage in physical activity while… Continue reading BBC Mood Boosters

Recent Bespoke Online Promotion Commissions

I’ve worked on quite a few bespoke music commissions for use online recently for a wide range of different brands and companies. Here are just a few I’ve recently been involved with; Interxion The client required an uplifting, modern, evolving piece with classical and ambient music influences that communicated the concept of beautiful engineering, expertise… Continue reading Recent Bespoke Online Promotion Commissions

Film TV Drama Music

I recently created a full album worth of film/tv drama music for Shutterstock Music. The client wanted dramatic production music film scores, dramatic underscores and action/suspense music. It was a great project to be involved with and it allowed for a lot of live musicianship on the tracks. In particular live strings (played by Joy Becker…… Continue reading Film TV Drama Music

Reflective Folk Blues Library Music Album

I recently created a selection of reflective folk/blues library music tracks for Shutterstock Music. The library required an album with a delicate lo-fi approach taking influences from such bands as Iron and Wine. It was a real pleasure to create this music. As with all my compositions and production, I was very keen to use live instruments… Continue reading Reflective Folk Blues Library Music Album

New Showreel for 2017

I’ve just uploaded a new showreel for 2017. Feel free to take a look. It includes some of the music placement highlights over the past year including Wimbledon, Inside the NFL, Countryfile and Bargain Hunt. Enjoy and please feel free to get in touch. The video is unlisted and for promotional purposes.

Aeroplane – Solo Electric Performance

Here’s a video of a new song; ‘Aeroplane’ recorded at The Den Sessions in Airtight Studios. This is one of a new batch of solo songs I’m currently in the process of recording. I bought a new Fender Parlour Guitar about a year and a half ago and around 15 new songs just came out… Continue reading Aeroplane – Solo Electric Performance

Punch Drunk Loving – New Music Video!

Here’s the new video for ‘Punch Drunk Loving’. Big thank you goes to immensely talented geniusman; John Grey who has filmed, directed and edited the whole thing… thanks also to Jenny Longworth and Holly Skillen (additional compositing) and Filmonik Kino Manchester too… Performed by James Kelly (guitar/vocals) and Alexander Platt (drums/vocals) Directed, shot, & edited… Continue reading Punch Drunk Loving – New Music Video!

Dreaming – Sundown City – Ambient Music Album

Off the back of the success of the previous ambient music album under the Eskimotion name (which has so far accumulated over 6 million plays), I’ve just finished a new ambient music album under a new artist name: Sundown City. When I create this type of music I’m always keen to shy away from the classic… Continue reading Dreaming – Sundown City – Ambient Music Album

Placement on Wimbledon 2016

It’s really great to see a very prominent placement of one of my Brass Hip Hop library music tracks. It’s been chosen as one of the main tracks for Wimbledon 2016 coverage on the BBC. It’s being used as they announce the games coming up on the days coverage. This is off the back of another high… Continue reading Placement on Wimbledon 2016