Advertising Music Recent Bespoke Online Promotion Commissions

I’ve worked on quite a few bespoke music commissions for use online recently for a wide range of different brands and companies. Here are just a few I’ve recently been involved with;


The client required an uplifting, modern, evolving piece with classical and ambient music influences that communicated the concept of beautiful engineering, expertise and optimism. Artists such as Nils Frahm gave a good starting influence point for the project to progress.

Sam Hyde – Boxing Trailer

The client required a hard hitting, dramatic, atmospheric music for a boxing promo for up and coming boxer; Sam Hyde to be played pre-fight and also used for online promotion.

HD Anywhere – Introducing

The client required an epic cinematic driving dramatic track for an advertisement introducing their new product in multiroom HD entertainment systems. The video was used not only at the launch event for the product but also as ongoing online promotion. For more information on the product you can go here:

The client also required a bespoke track composing for their brand video to be used on their website and YouTube channel.


Woodhouse – Dapper Stag Collection

The client required music that fully represented the new Dapper Stag Collection from Woodhouse Clothing.

For more information please contact [email protected] . You can view all my online promotional video music composer work here: