Composing for BBC Super Movers

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working on the BBC Super Movers project over the past few months! Super Movers (launched January 2018) is an exciting new project brought to you by BBC Learning and the Premier League to get primary aged children more active (and learning while they move!). My involvement in the project… Continue reading Composing for BBC Super Movers

New Recording Studio 1 – Soundproofing

It’s been a while! I’m happy to say it’s all because I’ve been spending the last 3/4 months moving into a recording studio!! This is a massive step for me and it’s going to transform the productions coming out of Eskimotion Music. I’m really looking forward to using the studio to it’s full potential for… Continue reading New Recording Studio 1 – Soundproofing

Some Kind Words…

In the quest to finally get my website done and dusted, I’ve been accumulating some testimonials from people I’ve worked with in the past. Here’s a few that have come through so far. Thank you for all your kind words!! (by the way you can click on the production company logo to go through to… Continue reading Some Kind Words…

CBeebies – Composing for Children’s TV

I was commissioned to write music for a brand new children’s programme for the BBC entitled ‘The Rhyme Rocket‘ back in January. The first episode aired on Monday (19th March) on the CBeebies channel and the series continues throughout this week. Very exciting stuff indeed! The sequence that required music was for a section of… Continue reading CBeebies – Composing for Children’s TV