Recent Bespoke Online Promotion Commissions

I’ve worked on quite a few bespoke music commissions for use online recently for a wide range of different brands and companies. Here are just a few I’ve recently been involved with; Interxion The client required an uplifting, modern, evolving piece with classical and ambient music influences that communicated the concept of beautiful engineering, expertise… Continue reading Recent Bespoke Online Promotion Commissions

Placement on Wimbledon 2016

It’s really great to see a very prominent placement of one of my Brass Hip Hop library music tracks. It’s been chosen as one of the main tracks for Wimbledon 2016 coverage on the BBC. It’s being used as they announce the games coming up on the days coverage. This is off the back of another high… Continue reading Placement on Wimbledon 2016

Brass Hip Hop Library Music – Making of…

I recently completed a full library music album comprising of 15 tracks of Brass Hip Hop music. The markets for these tracks were promos, adverts, sports montages and action sequences so the music had to be energetic, loud and lively so that it jumps out of the speakers.   We were very keen to feature a large amount of live musicians on this album… Continue reading Brass Hip Hop Library Music – Making of…

Social Networking

Admittedly it’s only the 14th December, but I’m going to put into place one of my new years resolutions early… And that is to be a bit more active on social media especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to follow me on the following channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram [instagram-feed]

Studio Pictures

I’ve just got my hands on a few pictures of the studio space I work from. As a composer I’m very keen to get as much soul and energy through live performance where possible. I believe that no matter how much money is spent on samples/virtual instruments (of which I have many incidentally if budgets are tight!) nothing… Continue reading Studio Pictures

Composing for Drama – Tongue Tided

I recently worked on a short film with the immensely talented John Grey (who I’ve actually been working with on a music video too). The film Tongue-Tied tells the story of a man with a crippling speech impediment and the loneliness that comes along with it. By spying on the text messages of others, he is able to take… Continue reading Composing for Drama – Tongue Tided

Composing for Animation

I’ve been composing some music for a kind of ‘modern day Looney Tunes’ recently. It’s been really fun project to work on. As well as being great fun, it’s probably been one of the most challenging jobs I’ve worked on too. The director Geof Wolfenden, wanted something akin to the classic Road Runner cartoons so this… Continue reading Composing for Animation

Latest Bespoke Commissions

I’ve been very busy over the past couple of months on a variety of bespoke music composer commissions for online videos and advertisements. This has included work for the Vegetarian Society, the NHS and Coca-cola. Here’s a few of the recent, and not so recent jobs I’ve worked on.   Every Meal Counts – Vegetarian… Continue reading Latest Bespoke Commissions

Suzuki Q-Chord = Hours of Fun

I recently borrowed a Suzuki Q-Chord. Never heard of it before but I was a assured it was instant Children’s TV and being a Children’s TV Composer it made sense to try it out! I spent the next couple of hours in my own little autoharp world. It pretty easy to use, although you have… Continue reading Suzuki Q-Chord = Hours of Fun

New Recording Studio 1 – Soundproofing

It’s been a while! I’m happy to say it’s all because I’ve been spending the last 3/4 months moving into a recording studio!! This is a massive step for me and it’s going to transform the productions coming out of Eskimotion Music. I’m really looking forward to using the studio to it’s full potential for… Continue reading New Recording Studio 1 – Soundproofing