Composing for BBC Super Movers

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working on the BBC Super Movers project over the past few months! Super Movers (launched January 2018) is an exciting new project brought to you by BBC Learning and the Premier League to get primary aged children more active (and learning while they move!). My involvement in the project… Continue reading Composing for BBC Super Movers

New Showreel for 2016

I’ve finally got round to creating a new showreel for myself! It’s been quite difficult to find the time to do this and as the way with these things there’s always a project on the horizon that you feel you’d want to include before uploading. There’s one or two other projects that I’m currently involved… Continue reading New Showreel for 2016

New Bespoke Online Commissions

I’ve been very busy over the past few months working of a variety of bespoke music composer commissions for online videos. Most recently I’ve worked for the English Cricket Board and the fashion brand Woodhouse.     Get the Game On – English Cricket Board Woodhouse – Dapper Stag Collection The client required music that fully represented… Continue reading New Bespoke Online Commissions

Composing for Animation

I’ve been composing some music for a kind of ‘modern day Looney Tunes’ recently. It’s been really fun project to work on. As well as being great fun, it’s probably been one of the most challenging jobs I’ve worked on too. The director Geof Wolfenden, wanted something akin to the classic Road Runner cartoons so this… Continue reading Composing for Animation

Suzuki Q-Chord = Hours of Fun

I recently borrowed a Suzuki Q-Chord. Never heard of it before but I was a assured it was instant Children’s TV and being a Children’s TV Composer it made sense to try it out! I spent the next couple of hours in my own little autoharp world. It pretty easy to use, although you have… Continue reading Suzuki Q-Chord = Hours of Fun

New Recording Studio 1 – Soundproofing

It’s been a while! I’m happy to say it’s all because I’ve been spending the last 3/4 months moving into a recording studio!! This is a massive step for me and it’s going to transform the productions coming out of Eskimotion Music. I’m really looking forward to using the studio to it’s full potential for… Continue reading New Recording Studio 1 – Soundproofing

New Showreel!

After A LOT of tweaking and ‘faffing’ (as my mum would say…), I’ve finally finished my new showreel for 2013! It features, amongst other things, my work on Will Power and for clients such as Nintendo/Square Enix, Dare2B/Maker and MediaCityUK/University of Salford. Please feel free to have a watch… If you like what you see/hear,… Continue reading New Showreel!

CBeebies – Composing for Children’s TV

I was commissioned to write music for a brand new children’s programme for the BBC entitled ‘The Rhyme Rocket‘ back in January. The first episode aired on Monday (19th March) on the CBeebies channel and the series continues throughout this week. Very exciting stuff indeed! The sequence that required music was for a section of… Continue reading CBeebies – Composing for Children’s TV