New Website 2023

I’m really happy to unveil a freshly redesigned website. It’s following a very similar layout and design to the previous design but hopefully I’ve made a few design change to make the site more easy to use. Hope you enjoy it. I’ve also created a new music composer showreel video that you can see here…… Continue reading New Website 2023

New Showreel for 2016

I’ve finally got round to creating a new showreel for myself! It’s been quite difficult to find the time to do this and as the way with these things there’s always a project on the horizon that you feel you’d want to include before uploading. There’s one or two other projects that I’m currently involved… Continue reading New Showreel for 2016

Social Networking

Admittedly it’s only the 14th December, but I’m going to put into place one of my new years resolutions early… And that is to be a bit more active on social media especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to follow me on the following channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram [instagram-feed]