Production Music Composing Ambient Soundscapes

I’ve recently been commissioned to create an album of relaxing ambient soundscapes. As you would expect it’s been one of the most relaxing jobs I’ve ever done (I was thinking of investing in a reclining chair but thought I might be going too far).

Throughout the process I’ve been keen to shy away from the classic “relaxing CD” sound. I’ve tried incorporate a lot of real instruments where I can and ensure that these tracks have real soul to them, making sure that they don’t sound like every element has come from the same synthesiser (that may or may not have been purchased in the late eighties). I’ve been trying to give the tracks almost a cinematic feel to them, almost like an underscore for film or television.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been producing:


  1. I am listening to all 20 pieces (that are on Spotify) that you’ve created, and have enjoyed nearly all of them. Really enjoyed. That’s a pretty good statistic where I’m generally lucky to like one song in twenty. To at least like it enough to put in a playlist.

    There are several songs that have “that something special”.

    I want to offer you encouragement. You’ve expressed your musical voice uniquely and beautifully.

    Whisperings. Spiritual Enlightenment. Uncover a hidden memory.

    Very touching!

    1. Thanks a lot for firstly tracking me down and then for the kind words! It was really good fun doing those tracks and I’m glad the enjoyment came across in the music. Hopefully they’ll be another album soon!

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