Equipment New Toys – Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

I’ve been spending a bit of money before the tax year ends… (it’s a good excuse anyway!). I’ve just got hold of two new toys;  Vintage AMG1 Resonator Guitar and Yamaha P35 Digital Piano. I’ll do a post about the guitar in a week of so but I thought I’d quicky talk about the piano!

Yamaha P35 Digital Piano

A couple of years ago I forked out the money for the East West Complete Composer Collection. The Complete Composers Collection comprises of a vast selection of industry standard/broadcast quality samples (so vast it requires an additional terabyte hard drive to store them all on!) that can be heard throughout my portfolio and were heavily used on Will Power (aswell as live instruments of course!).

One package I chose in the Composers Collection was the Piano samples, I thought they were best piano samples I’d heard and it was part of the reason I bought the collection in the first place. To compliment these samples I felt I needed to upgrade my M-Audio Keystation 49 (which had served me well over the past six years) to something with weighted keys and a more realistic feel. I looked at the M-Audio ProKeys88 and the Korg Sp170s however I fell in love with the feel of the Yamaha p35 and bought it immediately. There’s 10 voice onboard which will be useful for me in terms of practicing and it’s very tastefully put together (like most Yamaha stuff) with a nice matt finish.

Check it out a quick video here:

This was played using the piano samples in the East West Complete Composers Collection.


  1. This piece of music is just so beautiful. Thank you.

    I also use software for sounds, and have been looking for a portable playing solution with a realistic feeling keyboard. I do believe that you have given me the answer. Thanks again.

  2. Very nice sound and nicely played.

    Would you mind sharing your setup? I too want to connect my digital piano with some higher quality piano sounds (I don’t mind the cost!) but I don’t know how to overcome the latency delay problem from going through a computer via MIDI.

    1. Hi Simon….. i have a macbook pro with a focusrite sapphire pro40 firewire audio interface. The yamaha keyboard runs through the MIDI in on that. I have Eastwest samples running on Logic Pro X. I never had much problem with latency however if you use many Eastwest instruments at once you can get some overload. I recently upgraded to 8GB ram however and this doesn’t happen very often…

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