Film Will Power – Full Movie Online

A film I worked on called Will Power back in 2012 has been released in it’s entirety online.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

When wife and mother Shelly (Emma Kenny) is informed of her wealthy estranged husband’s death in an extreme zorbing accident, she must cope not only with the shock of losing her partner, but also struggle with the eccentric demands of his will, which leaves the choice of who should inherit his vast fortune up to her and her brother-in-law Daniel (Ian Curley).

When the reality of the situation dawns, it isn’t long before the lure of an infinite fortune begins to affect the behaviour of all those involved.

As they cannot assign the inheritance to each other, to whom will they assign it, and to what end?

Co-starring Marc Pickering (Sleepy Hollow, Boardwalk Empire) ‘Will Power’ is a colourful comedy-drama, with an ending that will knock you sideways.



My role in the production was to compose all the incidental music for the film (not what happens at 29 minutes in! Which was a massive job in itself!). This production is now four years old now. Although I’m proud of what we did at the time, I think looking back, there would be quite a few things I’d change. I’d be very confident of doing a much improved job now.

I think one of the key differences now is I work from a studio space rather than at home. This has allowed me to use many more live musicians in all my productions and although there was some live violin recorded for Will Power, the majority of the production was using virtual instruments. These were very high quality samples from East West Samples (which I still use today) but in terms of achieving emotional weight and soul, nothing quite beats the real thing!