Music Composer Portfolio Music Production Kill II This – Programming

Composition and performance of programmed orchestral and synth parts for Manchester for ten album tracks for metal band Kill II This.

The brief was to complement and accentuate the existing parts written by producer and guitar Mark Mynett, with extra orchestral and synthesised elements to create a more epic and cinematic feel, lifting the melodies and rhythms to a whole new level. My job was to provide a vast array of choices and parts (sometimes over 25 tracks of strings, pianos, synths, choirs, percussion and sound effects) to be assessed and selected by Mark for use in the final mix.

Despite the fairly challenging brief as far as the programming and sounds/textures we were looking for, James delivered stunning parts for each and every song. One of the most impressive aspects of these parts was not only their rhythmic feel but also their melodic sensibilities, especially the way they worked with the vocals, providing greatly improved impact to the existing parts and the songs themselves.”   

Mark Mynett – Kill II This / Mynetaur Productions