Music Composer Portfolio Music Production Joy Becker – From Within EP

Pre-production, production, engineering and mixing of singer/songwriter Joy Becker’s first EP. Also provided extra instrumentation including electric and acoustic guitars, bass and percussion where required.

“Joy Becker’s debut EP is an honest, reflective and at times painful exploration of vulnerability and strength. Written from a place of compassion, the EP’s narrative has a depth of tone across all four tracks and is musically realised in full colour. The apparent simplicity of Joy’s music is underpinned by a deep understanding of harmony and love of language, which she marries to create this collection of the lyrically-rich ‘word-paintings’ she is most celebrated for.

Joy features on the EP as the songwriter, vocalist, violinist, guitarist and co-producer. She is joined by producer James Kelly, cellist Ben Cashell, violist Laurie Dempsey and percussionist Peter Mitchell. From first queer love to rough-and-ready folk jam to open-hearted expression of grief, From Within has something everyone needs right now.”

Available to purchase and listen to in full here: