Music Composer Portfolio Will Power – Opening Credits

Opening credits to the film ‘Will Power’. Co-starring Marc Pickering (Sleepy Hollow, Calendar Girls) “Will Power” is a colourful comedy-drama, with an ending that will knock you sideways.

The 50 minute mid length film was shot over the course of ten days at six locations across the North West of England, including Manchester, Salford, Lymm and Preston.

My work on the film was to compose the score for strings, harp, piano and choir.


“James Kelly was an absolute joy to work with. One of those rare souls who when given a task will take it away and dream up something that far exceeds anything you’ve already thought of. He relishes the challenge and opportunity which was incredibly important to us when we were working to a tight schedule. Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next. Thank you James. “

Tim Limon – Director at Zero Facility Films

 “James is a gifted musician and producer. In 2012 he wrote, performed, produced and mixed an original score for a film I produced called ‘Will Power’. The music he created complimented the visuals of the film perfectly and his ability to alter the music at the request of the Director was unparalleled. The music he produces is so impressive that it is extremely difficult to believe that his orchestral scores could be generated by a single musician. It is clear that his musical talents are boundless, and the dedication he commits to each project is faultless.”

Chris Lane – Producer on Will Power The Movie