Music Composer Portfolio Children’s TV BBC Super Movers – Mandarin and German

Super Movers (launched January 2018) is an exciting project brought to you by BBC Learning and the Premier League to get primary aged children more active and learning while they move.

We’ve produce a large number of videos over the past few years covering many different subjects in the national curriculum. My involvement in this batch of Modern Languages videos was to compose, produce and master songs educating children on some key phrases in Mandarin and German.

Language topics included talking about yourself, counting, colours, the weather, months of the year and many others.

The process began with the lyric and songwriting working closely with an educational consultant and directors to ensure all key points in the National Curriculum were covered. Once the demos were approved and recorded (with me performing the vocals and all other instruments), I then worked very closely with the vocal talents, Nancy Xu and Rhys Stephenson (Strictly Come Dancing) and Naomi Wilkinson (CBBC) to direct the vocal recording sessions in the studio. From there, all parts were finalised to be mixed and mastered ready for the final mix to be used in the final videos.