Music Composer Portfolio Children’s TV BBC Super Mood Movers

Supplying music composition, music production and performance on thirteen new Super Mood Movers videos, created in partnership with the BBC, Children in Need and the Premier League, to enhance the wellbeing of primary school age children with catchy songs and easy-to-follow dance routines.

Topics such as mindfulness, coping with feelings, family and friends, taking of the world (and each other) and keeping fit and well were all covered.

The job started with the lyric and songwriting working closely with an educational consultant, choreographers and directors to ensure all key points were covered. Once the demos were recorded and approved (with me performing the vocals and all other instruments), I then worked very closely with the vocal talents, Rhys Stephenson (Strictly Come Dancing, CBBC), Naomi Wilkinson (CBBC), Karim Zeroual (CBBC) to direct the vocal recording sessions in the studio. From there, all parts were finalised to be mixed and mastered ready for the final mix to be used in the final videos.