BBC Supermovers

Supermovers (launched January 2018) is an exciting project brought to you by BBC Learning and the Premier League to get primary aged children more active (and learning while they move!).

My involvement in the project was to compose, produce and master thirty tracks for the project (including the campaign’s flagship promotion song) and also to direct the majority of the vocal recording sessions.

You can see all the videos created for the project here: Some of the tracks I produced included; Relative Clauses with Max and Harvey, Word Families with Tyler and Sasha, Handling Money with The Next Step, Capital Letters and Full Stops, KS1 Money, Position and Direction, Adjectives and Adverbs with Jonny and Inel, Digits and Numbers with Marlon Wallen as well as all the times tables songs for the project.

Here are a few excerpts of the work I produced for the project via Twitter:

Flip – Modern Day Looney Tunes – Animation Series – directed by Geof Wolfenden

Flip, is a cute/happy go lucky kind of a guy whose sole purpose in life is to fly and to that end he tries in these 3 shorts to do just that.  The influence for the project is modern day Looney Tunes, so I tried to merge 1950/60’s Carl Stalling style elements with more modern electronic sounds. The music required a juxtaposition of almost ridiculous epicness (e.g. Marvel film franchise, Superman) with down to earth retro cartoon slapstick (e.g. Roadrunner, Tom and Jerry)

If you like what you hear please contact me: [email protected]

Little Sports Stars – CBeebies

Recently commissioned piece for CBeebies. Director’s Lee Kitchen and Jason Bates required an energetic upbeat tune for the the show ‘Little Sports Stars’.


“I have worked with James on both broadcast and corporate projects and each time he has delivered on time and to the brief. James is an extremely talented and creative composer and I would thoroughly recommend his friendly, hard working style to anyone!”

Lee Kitchen – Director at CBeebies/BBC

If you like what you hear please contact me: [email protected]

Mr Funics – Children’s Learning Commission

A 10 track album commission used for pre-school children’s learning.  The project required 10 tracks to be composed and recorded covering pre-school subjects including; Saying “Hello”, Phonics, Letters, Numbers, Subtraction, Actions, Body Parts, Colours and saying Goodbye.

Showreel 2017

Some work highlights from 2015/16.

If you like what you hear please contact me: [email protected]

Showreel Excerpts

More excerpts from my children’s TV showreel

Clients include…


The Studio

I’m currently based at a recording studio in Chorlton, Manchester UK (around 10 minutes from MediaCity). As a composer I’m very keen to get as much soul and energy through live performance where possible. I believe nothing beats the feeling and character that comes from having live musicians on a track. Having access to these rooms enables me to do this….



“We put James in complete control of the creative output and I’m happy to say he did not disappoint at all! The final result was first class and it was exactly what we wanted. Perfect! Through a superbly produced authentic soundtrack he captured the 1980’s nostalgia and 8-bit quirkiness we were hoping to communicate to our market. The reaction to the trailer has been absolutely fantastic and overall a great success. I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring him again or recommending him to other people in the industry.”

Julien Ognier – Producer at Square Enix



“James defined the mood effortlessly for this film, blending sweeping strings with the urgency of tribal drums to lend a real drama to the piece, he nailed the brief.  In terms of workflow he was a pleasure to work with, he’s got a great ability to respond to very specific changes in a way that maintains the integrity of the score and develops the project as a whole.”

Nick Marchant – Director at Maker Projects



“James Kelly was an absolute joy to work with. One of those rare souls who when given a task will take it away and dream up something that far exceeds anything you’ve already thought of. He relishes the challenge and opportunity which was incredibly important to us when we were working to a tight schedule. Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next. Thank you James. ”

Tim Limon – Director at Zero Facility Films



His music is astounding and through our collaboration I have found him to be a brilliant person to work with – long may it continue!”

Krishna Stott – Producer/Director at Bellyfeel




 “James is a gifted musician and producer. In 2012 he wrote, performed, produced and mixed an original score for a film I produced called ‘Will Power’. The music he created complimented the visuals of the film perfectly and his ability to alter the music at the request of the Director was unparalleled. The music he produces is so impressive that it is extremely difficult to believe that his orchestral scores could be generated by a single musician. It is clear that his musical talents are boundless, and the dedication he commits to each project is faultless.”

Chris Lane – Producer on Will Power The Movie



“James is a pleasure to work with, and consistently produces music for our productions that not only met the brief but added to it. James is able to tell stories with music – not many people can do that.”

Libra Television