Super Movers (launched January 2018) is an exciting project brought to you by BBC Learning and the Premier League to get primary aged children more active and learning while they move.

We’ve produce a large number of videos over the past few years covering many different subjects in the national curriculum. My involvement in this batch of Modern Languages videos was to compose, produce and master a number of songs educating children on some key phrases in Mandarin and German. Topics included talking about yourself, counting, colours, the weather and many others. I worked closely with an educational consultant to ensure key points in the National Curriculum were covered and I also closely with the vocal talents, Nancy Xu and Rhys Stephenson (Strictly Come Dancing) and Naomi Wilkinson (CBBC) directing the vocal recording sessions.






“James brought our Super Movers Brain Boosters to life! Blending fun, humour and curriculum-linked content is a tall order but James managed a perfect mix. Throughout the process James absorbed and incorporated notes from the editorial and educational teams with ease, reacted to changes at short notice and always delivered on time. Receiving the fresh tracks was a joy. His music and lyrics have inspired primary schools children nationwide to move while they learn! Our campaign is receiving praise and appreciation from critics, teachers, pupils and parents nationwide!”

Dan Gooding – Executive Producer – BBC Learning/Super Movers


“James was given a vague idea of the musical style, a page of very dry educational points he had to turn into fun, engaging lyrics; and then he was put through a convoluted process for changes and sign off. He managed all of this with good humour, professionalism and charm; delivering over 35 amazing songs for the Super Movers website that primary children up and down the UK really love.”

Sharon Hepburn – Series Producer – BBC Learning/Super Movers