Music Composer Portfolio Children’s TV BBC Bitesize Daily

Composition, production and mastering of all the music for Bitesize Daily, the BBC’s biggest education initiative launched 20th April 2020 that was broadcast everyday during the lockdown periods of 2020 and 2021 to support home schooling. Around 3 million children and parents turned to BBC Bitesize Daily during the first phase of lockdown and the show continues to be popular during subsequent lockdowns through into 2021.

The work included creating unique and engaging title music for both Primary and Secondary shows (with numerous accompanying edits, stings and beds) as well creating a large extensive catalogue of bespoke background music to fit all the various sections and segments of the shows.

The show also featured daily many tracks from BBC Super Movers composed and produced for the BBC and Premier League.

You can see full shows on the BBC website here: