Exciting news everyone… I’ve just won some very tasty Roland HD-1 V-Drums from Dawsons Music! The competition required you to create a YouTube video entitled ‘Why I Need Roland V-Drums in My Life‘ explaining why you need Roland V-Drums in your life!

I took the video for East 17’s Stay Another Day as a major influence for the video as it is of course the most superior music video in the history of the world. If you can’t beat the best, you might as well attempt join them…

Thank you Dawsons!



they all laugh me 

playing drum solos on my knees (… knees)

no one ever talks to me 

no one ever sees 


that i could be a very good drummer

if i had something good to hit

something with lots of features 

maybe something like a roland hd-1 v-drums kit 


i want to start dreaming (…dreaming) 

i want to start streaming tears of joy

why won’t you help me dawsons?

why won’t you help me with your musical toys?


i will come in and buy some fast fret 

i will personally come and serve you tea 

why won’t help me dawsons?

baby, help me with some of roland v-drums please…