I was recently mentioned as one of ‘five of the new artists in Manchester that its citizens can be proud of’ in the itsoundedsweet.com blog… Thanks very much itsoundedsweet.com. Much appreciated! I thought I’d try and add to this and pick out a few acts I’ve really enjoyed watching live over the past few years living in Manchester.

1. Honeyfeet

Part of the Manchester independent label Debt Records who also have Louis Barabas, T.E Yates and Becca and the Broken Biscuits on their books. These guys are possibly are my favourite band in Manchester. Mixing jazz, blues and folk with stunning musicianship, one of the best vocalists in Manchester and great songs they’ve never failed to impress their now fairly large following. Definitely worth a watch!

2. Kong

Disturbing dischordened heaviness. This trio compromising of two members of Oceansize and one slightly disturbing man by the name of Magpie are definitely a marmite type of a band. I’ve shown this band to some people and they’ve look at me like I’m psychologically ill, whilst some other people I’ve shown the band to have walked away from the gig with a new favourite band.

They are potentially the worst band in the history of the world, thankfully due to their phenomenal musicianship they turn out to be one of the most exciting bands I’ve ever seen in Manchester. Every note of their time signature bending filthy riffs is played to perfection despite the apparent chaos on stage. They’re rightfully getting they’re name around the U.K and Europe now and I would really recommend seeing them now in a small venue before they get too big. This isn’t for the faint hearted though. They are disgustingly heavy… But I like disgustingly heavy.

3. Extra Love

I’m not a reggae fan to be honest but these guys are brilliant. They’re possibly Manchester’s number party band! Everytime I’ve seen them they’ve not failed to get transform an otherwise average night into something special. But beyond this, they’d fit right into the main stage lineup at Glastonbury. Fantastic rhythm section (especially the bass player), brilliant stage presence, highly recommended. Must be seen live though to fully understand what they’re about.

Sorry for the slightly bad quality video… There’s better quality videos out there.. but I’ve tried to get across the live atmosphere!

4. John Ainsworth

Manchesters answer to Jeff Buckley. Great guitar playing, awesome voice. Hopefully on verge of some national success sometime soon…

5. JP Cooper

Rightfully on the cusp of mainstream success this guy is a phenomenal talent and is deservedly getting a strong following across the U.K. Backed by 2/3 gospel singers, double bass and drums this is a class act and well worth a watch.

Agree/Disagree?? Have more names?? Feel free to comment!